What's eligible and what isn't?

When it comes to recycling, one of the most popular ways to earn a little extra money in the process is through container deposit schemes, also known as 10c refund or bottle return. To make it easier for consumers to reap the rewards of recycling, government authorities, beverage companies, and other organizations have taken steps to ensure that eligible containers are properly sorted and recycled.

So, what containers are eligible for 10c refunds? A variety of drink containers may be eligible, including many types of aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers. Aluminum cans, glass beer bottles, and plastic soda and sports drink bottles are all commonly recycled through container deposit schemes. Any container with a container deposit label is also eligible for 10c refund. These can be found on most types of drinks containers found in grocery stores.

It can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult when trying to see if a container is eligible or not, click here to search the barcode

Containers that are eligible are normally...
- Most single-serve water, juice boxes and fizzy drink containers
- Most single-serve alcohol containers, like beer bottles and pre-mixed spirits
- Any plastic water or fizzy drink containers up to 3L (included)

Containers that aren't eligible...
- Wine bottles and pure spirits
- Over 3L plastic drink containers
- 1L or over; flavoured milks, pure juices, cask wines or cask waters
- All white dairy or white plant-based milks
- Cordial
- Food cans
- Registered health tonics

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