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• Members of the public will be able to exchange eligible empty containers at a Central Queensland Container Refund Point for a 10 cent refund.
• Containers can be returned by individuals, organisations and businesses.
• Any number of containers can be returned at one time. Refund types available are cash, account or paypal.
• You can setup an account by going to: and at the top right hand side here is a sign up button. We are encouraging accounts to be set up in order to make for a speedier process. It basically means that instead of having to wait in line for us to process the containers, we can register your bag drop with your Scheme ID and the account holders name, then later under video surveillance. We can count the containers and have your bank account credited.
• Some deposits have limits of up to 500 containers per person, per day at our Moura, Yeppen and Emu Park, sites. This is in place to shorten the wait time for all customers.

So why are some beverage containers not eligible for a refund? The container refund scheme aims to reduce the amount of beverage container litter in the environment. The containers that are eligible for a refund are those that are most commonly consumed away from home and make up the majority of container litter in the environment. For example, excluded containers that have held plain milk or wine are commonly consumed in the home, and can still be recycled either through existing kerbside collection or drop-off services. If you are unsure if it is eligible still bring it down and we will let you know.

Containers must be empty. You don’t necessarily have to rinse each container but it will help you store them cleanly before returning them. Caps should also be removed from bottles. Strong preference is for containers not to be crushed. These can then be returned to a Central Queensland Container Refund Point, providing that they can be recognised as being an eligible container. In order to help guarantee recognition, it may be beneficial to refrain from crushing the containers. For safety reasons, glass bottles need to be whole and intact.

There is no obligation for you to sort containers before taking them to a Central Queensland Container Refund Point although there may be some time-saving benefits if you do. Sorting and counting your containers into the various material types such as the different plastics, glass, aluminium and cartons and making a written note of the number of each container type may save time.

Eligible containers can be brought to a Central Queensland Container Refund depot in bags, boxes, utes, almost any reasonable method. Chaff bags available for a $2 refundable deposit.

Lids should be removed from beverage containers before taking them to a Central Queensland Container Refund Point. Plastic tops are usually made from a different plastic than the bottle and are labelled as a contaminant. Separating the plastics reduces the level of ‘contamination’ which makes for better recycling outcomes. Removing the lids will help with the crushing of containers at processing facilities Leaving lids on containers can cause problems with transport and storage.

There are seven main categories of eligible container materials. These are:

• Glass
• Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
• High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
• Aluminium
• Steel
• Liquid paper board
• Other plastics.

Visit the Containers for Change website:

The Scheme has been running in South Australia for 40 years and started in Queensland on the 1st of November 2018. Any eligible beverage containers can be returned to a Central Queensland Container Refund point in exchange for a 10 cent refund.

To obtain a scheme ID all you need to do is call Containers for Change (13 42 42) or click HERE to register your account online

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