How to maximise your return!

It is easy to make the most of your 10 cent container refund return. Each of the states and territories offer their own program where you can receive a 10 cent refund for eligible containers purchased. It is possible to receive your refund from various vending machines, reverse vending machines, licensed collection points and refund hubs around the country.

To maximise your return for containers, you need to start with collecting the containers you have purchased. There are rules as to what types of containers you can receive a refund for, so you need to make sure you are collecting the right containers. For example, any plastic, glass or aluminium beverage containers between 150ml and 3L can be used. Make sure it is clearly labelled as a 10c refund eligible container.

Once you have your containers ready, you will want to rinse out any liquids or food and remove any caps, lids, labels and straws. This is necessary to ensure no delays the containers are clean and eligible for the refund. To avoid any delays, make sure that the name of the beverage on the containers is readable.

Next, you need to choose the refund option that works the best for you. Many people prefer to use the automated counting machines, as they are easy and convenient.

By following these simple steps, you can maximise your 10 cent container refund. It doesn’t take much effort and you can make more money from the containers you purchase. Make sure to read up on the rules in your state and to check what containers are eligible for the refund. With a little bit of effort and planning, you can quickly start to make the most of your container refund returns.

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